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Our vision is to be a change agent in the legal and business environment home.

C. Mputhia Advocates was founded on 7th August 2014 and it seeks to fill a gap in the legal services sector through the firm’s vision, mission and goals. C. Mputhia Advocates’ main target clients are enterprises or individuals that seek growth and expansion. Change is a catalyst of growth . Without change there is stagnation. At C. Mputhia we seek to be change agents and we also aspire to see our clients take advantage of change for their growth. Some of these external changes that present opportunity for growth include regulatory changes. Some internal changes that present opportunity for growth include organizational restructuring. Growth also brings about changes and as our clients grow we are at hand to walk with them through the changes. We provide innovative legal solutions to our clients. Our main focus is on emerging laws. We provide innovative legal products or packages to our clients including legal audits, formation of enterprise policies, and estate planning tools amongst others. We constantly create new legal products or packages for our clients.

We have in place a team of carefully selected consultants including an entrepreneurship consultant, a financial consultant and a policy formulation expert. We ensure that our services are all inclusive.

Our management and governance structure is set up to ensure that the firm remains accountable to its stakeholders. The firm is owned and founded by Cathy Mputhia. However it is managed by a board of directors in which the Founder also sits. The board of directors includes a financial, marketing & ICT and human resources experts. The board is headed by a Chairman and the board meets once quarterly to deliberate on the firm’s activities. The board’s decisions are then implemented by the firm. The firm launched its strategic plan in 2015 and the main theme of this strategic plan is expansion. We have identified key pillars which would enable us to meet our strategic goals. Our key pillar is ethics & foundations. We have put in place an ethical policy for the firm in which key values have been highlighted. Our foundation is God and as such we have a policy of giving as a firm and have a strong CSR department which identified CSR activities for the firm. Some activities include visits to children homes, material donations to the under privileged and offering pro bono services especially for children. We intend to set up a trust foundation for young innovators, in conjunction with the firm’s partners.

Human resource and marketing are also key pillars of the firm. We have in place a marketing and human resource policy.


Our vision is to be a change agent in the legal and business environment.


Our mission is fivefold:

We exist to provide innovative legal solutions to any of your legal requirements……Innovative Lawyering
We exist to keep our clients updated on any regulatory changes that may impact on their business……………value addition
We exist to focus on emerging legal practice which is our main area of practice…..we keep up with the times
We exist to grow with our clients as we provide practical and needs met solutions………we partner with you.
We exist to uphold ethics, trust and integrity for the glory of God.


God is our foundation
Change & Growth
Innovation & Creativity
Ethics & Trust

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