Corporate Governance and Finance

Corporate Governance, Board Advisory and Corporate Finance

  • Board advisory:- We are currently board advisors to seven corporates. We advise the board on all legal matters and handle some of their legal issues. The corporates range include a gated community, engineering firm, manufacturer, importer and several others.
  • Corporate governance:- We consult on best practises in corporate governance in line with Kenyan and international best practises. Some of the models we have consulted on include Japanese and German to enable better transparency.
  • Shareholder activism:- We have handled shareholder and director disputes through mediation and successfully in court through litigation including suits on breach of fiduciary duty, lack of information, conflict of interest and others.

    Corporate Finance

  • Transactional:- joint ventures, acquisitions, equity capital, hybrid capital and many others.

    We have handled an acquisition of a local publisher by a Dubai firm, restructuring of an EPZ licensed manufacturer, joint venture for a fintech and many others.

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