Family & Succession

  • Family Office:- In partnership with other professionals we offer high networth families a one stop shop consultancy for all their professional requirements.

  • FEPS (Family Owned Enterprises):- These have unique challenges that should be managed well to ensure generational survival. Not many FEPS live to the third generation. However if properly planned, a FEP can survive to many generations. We therefore offer restructuring services, shareholder agreements and corporate succession planning.

    We successfully set up a family owned enterprise in the real estate sector, one in manufacturing with interests spread across the region and a school.

  • Estate Planning: – A well planned estate survives generations to come. The services we offer include setting up of family trusts and drawing up wills. There are two types of wills and one is a living will. A living will is a will that provides how your estate shall be run when you are alive but temporarily incapacitated. A living will is done by people, who go into high risk ventures for example, mountain climbing, complex medical procedures, travel to war torn countries amongst others. The living will ensures that your estate continues being managed according to your desire even in the event of incapacity. It is revoked once you recover. A final will ensures your estate is run according to your desires upon your demise. It makes provisions for distribution of assets and appointment of guardians. You can decide how your children will be brought up even upon death. A final will is desirable to avoid estate squabbles.
  • Child Law: – We offer limited child law services in the area of guardianship, foster parenting and adoptions. We offer pro-bono services to children in need of legal representation. We understand that a child cannot represent themselves as adequately as an adult would and we therefore offer our pro bono child services to protect and preserve the child. We are drawing up our child pro bono strategy and have committed ourselves to offering a minimum number of hours every year to the course of children.

    We have successfully filed and completed several child custody and maintenance cases.