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To God’s glory we launched our strategic plan during our 7th anniversary. The theme of our strategic plan is pioneering, globalization and innovation. We settled on this theme after months of prayer, market research and consultations. As pioneers we wish to focus on briefs in emerging laws and litigation cases that  set precedence

As global citizens we wish to export our legal services to global entities based both here in Kenya and outside Kenya.We also wish to import global standards and benchmarks into our practice.Global alliances and partnerships are our outlook in this season. As innovators we seek to offer innovative legal services to our clients. We wish to offer services to innovators in various fields our goal being to grow the sector for overall good We will be seeking to leave our mark in the space of science,technology and innovations.


Our Partners

Our Services

Corporate Governance

We offer corporate governance and corporate finance to businesses of all sizes. Our services are designed to ensure that your business complies with the law while reducing risk from non-compliance

Dispute Resolution

We offer dispute resolution services that are best suited to the client’s objectives. Our approach is to prevent conflict, manage conflict, negotiate through the conflict, mediate, arbitrate and as a last resort litigate. 


We offer services on matters employment, labor and human resources. This ranges from talent management and contracts, human resource policies and corporate succession planning.


Our family package goes beyond the court room to provide for the legal needs of families. These range from before marriage to strategic advice.

IP and ICT

Intellectual Property Rights in Information Communication and Technology including registration of copyrights, trademarks, utility models and patents.

Policy and Legislation

The external market changes very fast necessitating a change in laws. New laws are needed to respond to the changes and fill the gaps. Similarly, some laws need to be repealed as they serve as a bottleneck to the ever changing business environment. 

Science and Technology Laws

The law does not change as fast as the changes in science and technology leaving a gap in terms of legislation. The external changes in science and technology additionally create a demand for innovative legal services as a response to some of the legal needs created by these changes.


Our IPROPEX department, a fully-fledged company offers this services to SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators whose needs are unique. We offer  tailor made legal packages for SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators to access quality advice. We offer training, mentorship, corporate finance advisory and  market linkage 

Social Welfare

There are issues that impact on the quality of life. We offer this service to individuals packaged as social welfare law. These includes consumer rights, public interest litigation and enforcement of bill or rights

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