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Our vision is to be a change agent in the legal and business environment home. C. Mputhia Advocates was founded on 7th August 2014 and it seeks to fill a gap in the legal services sector through the firm’s vision, mission and goals. C. Mputhia Advocates’ main target clients are enterprises or individuals that seek growth and expansion. Change is a catalyst of growth . Without change there is stagnation. At C. Mputhia we seek to be change agents and we also aspire to see our clients take advantage of change for their growth. Some of these external changes that present opportunity for growth include regulatory changes. Some internal changes that present opportunity for growth include organizational restructuring. Growth also brings about changes and as our clients grow we are at hand to walk with them through the changes. We provide innovative legal solutions to our clients. Our main focus is on emerging laws. We provide innovative legal products or packages to our clients including legal audits, formation of enterprise policies, and estate planning tools amongst others. We constantly create new legal products or packages for our clients.

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We have in place a team of carefully selected consultants including an entrepreneurship consultant, a financial consultant and a policy formulation expert. We ensure that our services are all inclusive. Our management and governance structure is set up to ensure that the firm remains accountable to its stakeholders. The firm is owned and founded by Cathy Mputhia. However it is managed by a board of directors in which the Founder also sits. The board of directors includes a financial, marketing & ICT and human resources experts. The board is headed by a Chairman and the board meets once quarterly to deliberate on the firm’s activities. The board’s decisions are then implemented by the firm. The firm launched its strategic plan in 2015 and the main theme of this strategic plan is expansion. We have identified key pillars which would enable us to meet our strategic goals. Our key pillar is ethics & foundations. We have put in place an ethical policy for the firm in which key values have been highlighted. Our foundation is God and as such we have a policy of giving as a firm and have a strong CSR department which identified CSR activities for the firm. Some activities include visits to children homes, material donations to the under privileged and offering pro bono services especially for children. We intend to set up a trust foundation for young innovators, in conjunction with the firm’s partners. Human resource and marketing are also key pillars of the firm. We have in place a marketing and human resource policy.



Services Offered


Our IPROPEX department, a fully-fledged company offers this services to SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators whose needs are unique. Not only do we offer legal services, but we offer tailor made legal packages for SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators to access quality advice. We offer training, mentorship, corporate finance advisory, market linkage and commercialization to business falling in this category.
a) Incorporation and business associations
b) Statutory compliance
c) Corporate governance and finance
d) Corporate growth
e) Legal advisory
f) Directorship
a) Training and mentorship: – corporate governance, intellectual property and legal risk management
b) Legal advisory
c) Strategic planning and management
a) Policy and legislation
b) Strategy
c) Advisory
d) Consultancy

Science and Technology

Science and technology is continually evolving as we are in the knowledge age. However, the law does not change as fast as the changes in science and technology leaving a gap in terms of legislation. The external changes in science and technology additionally create a demand for innovative legal services as a response to some of the legal needs created by these changes. We offer the following services: Consultancy
a) Protection of intellectual property rights
b) Human rights and ethics
c) Policy and legislation
d) Enforcement of intellectual property rights
e) Artificial intelligence, data protection and emerging laws

Social Welfare

There are issues that impact on the quality of life. We offer this service to individuals packaged as social welfare law. These include:
a) Enforcement of Bill of rights. Right to life, health, economic rights and others
b) Consumer rights
c) Public interest litigation
d) Citizenship and Immigration
e) Health law consultancy

IP and ICT

Intellectual Property Rights
a) Registrations of intellectual property rights these include copyrights, trademarks, utility models and patents
b) Commercialization of intellectual property rights: – licensing, sale, rentals and corporate finance
c) Enforcement of intellectual property rights
d) Litigation
e) Policy and strategy
a) Data privacy and protection regulations compliance
b) Contractual: – software develop
c) Policy and legislation
d) Emerging technologies
e) Artificial intelligence

Policy and Legislation

The external market changes very fast necessitating a change in laws. New laws are needed to respond to the changes and fill the gaps. Similarly, some laws need to be repealed as they serve as a bottleneck to the ever changing business environment. We therefore offer policy and legislative advice in the following areas:
a) Drafting legislation and laws
b) Drafting policies
c) Public participation on behalf of groups and individuals
d) Petitioning parliament for legislative changes
e) Lobbying and activism


We offer employment, labour and human resources in the following areas:
a) Talent management and retaining. Including recruiting, employment contracts
b) Human resource policies including disciplinary policies, non-discrimination, computer policies, grievance policies and other organizational policies.
c) Training of human resource personnel on legal issues
d) Corporate succession planning
e) Retirement benefits
f) Staff motivation including staff mortgage schemes and employee SACCOS
g) Dispute resolution including mediation and conflict management.
h) Litigation and court matters


Our family package goes beyond the court room to provide for the legal needs of families. These range from before marriage to strategic advice.
a) Property pre-nuptial agreements
b) Child maintenance, adoption and guardianship
Family owned enterprises
a) Incorporation
b) Transfer and acquisition of assets
c) Management and succession planning
d) Corporate governance
e) Training
f) High Net worth Individuals
g) Family office
a) Wills
b) Probate:- testate and intestate
c) Litigation

Corporate Governance

We offer corporate governance and corporate finance to businesses of all sizes. Our services are designed to ensure that your business complies with the law while reducing risk from non-compliance. We offer the following corporate governance services:
a) Board advisory services
b) Directorship services
c) Organization structure
d) Legal due diligence
e) Statutory compliance and filings
Corporate finance: We offer legal transactional services in the following:
a) Equity financing
b) Hybrid financing
c) Equipment leasing
d) Capital markets
e) Over the counter transactions
f) Private equity
g) Grant funding
h) Venture capital

Dispute Resolution

We offer dispute resolution services that are best suited to the client’s objectives. Our approach is to prevent conflict, manage conflict, negotiate through the conflict, mediate, arbitrate and as a last resort litigate. The advantage of this approach is that it saves relationships, saves time and money. We therefore offer:
Conflict management
a) Drafting conflict management policies
b) Training on conflict management
c) Negotiating for a win-win settlement
a) Mediating of disputes
b) Training on mediation
c) Court annexed mediation
a) Representation at arbitration proceedings
b) Drafting arbitration clauses and agreements
a) Magistrate, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court levels
b) Litigation at all divisions of courts. Children courts, Family division, Environment and Labor, Constitutional, Commercial and others
c) Execution of decrees and judgements.




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