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We are a premier faith based law firm offering legal services in Kenya and beyond.


Our Approach

What we can do for you.
  1. We adopt a customer-oriented approach in providing our services. We, therefore, take a great time to understand your needs before offering a solution. Our resolutions are tailor-made and bespoke.
  2. We adopt innovative lawyering and out-of-the-box solutions to meet customer needs, taking care to remain compliant with the law.
  3. We add value to you. We strive for value addition in offering our service. We keep you informed of any sector-specific trends that will enable us to meet your  needs

Global Partnerships

Cmputhia Advocates announces a new partnership with Sinapis, a leading global organization that equips entrepreneurs with training. Through this partnership, Cmputhia advocates will provide legal mentorship for select participants in the Sinapis entrepreneurship program. Following the enactment of the Startup Act 2021, Cmputhia Advocates will actively participate in positively impacting the startup sector.

Innovations to enhance customer experience.

We’ve increased digitization in our firm since the demand for digital services has gone up across all sectors. We are pleased to announce that you can now access select services remotely. The digital service is available upon request, send a text via our official line and in less than 2hrs you will have your documents ready or as you would prefer to be delivered to your doorstep.

Featuring in the ILN Real Estate Guide.

The ILN Real Estate guide is a quick referencing guide on real estate law all over the world. We are glad to have written the Kenyan chapter guide.


The external market changes very fast necessitating a change in laws. New laws are needed to respond to the changes and fill the gaps. Similarly, some laws need to be repealed.

Science and technology are continually evolving as we are in the knowledge age. However, the law does not change as fast as the changes in science and technology.

We are at the forefront in responding to legal queries from both national and international companies, about property law, mineral rights, and lateral and subjacent support.

We offer dispute resolution services that are best suited to the client’s objectives. Our approach is to prevent conflict, manage conflict, and many more.

Some issues impact the quality of life. We offer this service to individuals packaged as social welfare law. 

We offer corporate governance and corporate finance to businesses of all sizes.

We deal with all aspects of property and land law transactions.

We offer technology and innovation solutions in the following areas:

We offer employment, labor, and human resources in the following areas:

Our family package goes beyond the courtroom to provide for the legal needs of families. 


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