C. MPUTHIA & Company Advocates was founded on 7th August 2014 by Ms. Cathy Mputhia, the founder of the firm after having practiced law in Kenya for a considerable period of time. The founder identified a gap in the legal services sector and sought to fill it. C. MPUTHIA & Company Advocates’ vision, mission and values are all designed to meet these goals.

The firm’s core values are change & growth, innovation & creativity, ethics & trust. At C.MPUTHIA Advocates we do not just offer you legal advice but we strive to offer all our clients needs met, value addition service to ensure that you meet your personal and business goals. This is achieved by teaming up with individuals and professionals in various sectors.

Our promise is that you will not remain the same after encountering us. Our team of multi skilled professionals will work with you to ensure you get the best service to meet your needs.

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